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Why do we require AC Maintenance regularly?

Everyone owns a car these Days for their comfortable traveling. Then you must be aware that a car or any vehicle requires regular maintenance, same is with Air Conditioners. Every AC requires regular maintenance repair and care. Ac maintenance help you save money on repair and replacement because maintaining your AC at regular period improves its efficiency as well as changing air quality in your home.

Now it’s time to take some break from winters as summers are coming very fast. Soon we all are going to get some relief from the heat of sun through our centralized air conditioning system. AC maintenance is one the biggest problem that most of the people face every summer they start using their AC. To overcome this problem we are discussing with you steps which needs to follow before you switch on your AC.

Step 1: Check your Thermostats. Is it outdated? Save your money and time by installing newer one, the programmable thermostat.

Step 2: Exposed Duct work could be a source of cooling loss or inefficiency. Check this issue and resolve the same.

Step 3: Check out air vents around the room such as toys, furniture or drapes, they may block air.

Step 4: AC drain line becomes clogged with dirt collected by indoor coil. Darin line should be cleaned by professionals. For AC repair, AC Maintenance and Clogged AC cleaning contact Focus House Technical Services, a leading AC maintenance company in Dubai.

Step 5: AC air filters should be replaced in every three months, or before starting the AC in summers.

Step 6: inspect outdoor AC unit. Make sure there is no blockage near the equipment, if so clean the area. Check for leaves, debris and vines that can block the interior components and affect performance.

Step 7: Check for missing panels. Panels are designed to enclose the electrical connections.

Step 8: Refrigerant lines should be insulated. Because proper insulation improves the efficiency of Air Conditioners.

When you have checked all above steps, its time to turn on your Air Conditioner.

Conclusion: When your AC sits for at least half the year, is necessary to go for AC repair or AC Maintenance. Now you not to worry for AC maintenance. Just Call Focus House for AC Maintenance Services in Dubai


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