AMC For Home Maintenance

AMC For Home Maintenance

What are AMC Services?

AMC Stands for Annual Maintenance Contract, also known as Annual Maintenance Services offered by Maintenance Companies, providing services like home maintenance, repairing, AC installation, Home Cleaning, painting & various other maintenance works for your Home.

The world of today is developing at a faster speed & is witnessing rapid development in the field of technology. It is an actual fact that an average person uses at least 10-15 electrical appliances as well as electronic devices every day.

Whether it is any home appliances, air conditioning system, home maintenance,  or the other time you need technical services for the maintenance of your Home. A large no. of people need AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for major home repairs that provides with regular maintenance works and Emergency routine Checkups.


1. Emergency callouts for AC, electrical and plumbing failure

2. Routine callouts for small carpentry, masonry and painting touch-ups

3. Routine callouts for AC, electrical and plumbing issues

4. Preventative maintenance (goal: no breakdowns)

5. Quick response (if breakdowns)

6. Increased longevity of  machines

7. Expert technicians available to answer the tough questions

8. Spares parts and consumables (limited as per signed contract)

9. No hourly charges for service

10. Keeps company on time and in compliance

Do you require Home Maintenance services in Dubai for your Home?

You can choose our Annual Maintenance Services for your home at best Prices.

Why Focus House Technical Services?

The main aim of Focus House Technical Services in Dubai is to address all your problems & to solve your issues while acting as a multi-solution provider with regards to the clients’ decision. Fhtsuae provides residential and corporate maintenance services on all types of warranty & non-warranty repair services to their local customers in Dubai & all over the UAE. We give our best as our local technicians are very well trained. They undergo various frequent skills up-gradation programs to keep pace with different technological advancements.

FHTSUAE’s AMC Home Maintenance provides affordable workmanship with quality & superior parts. Get a single solution for all issues that may arise in your house with Just one Phone Call.

Our special maintenance team is a group of qualified experts that ensures to solve all the major and minor defects in maintenance works. You can rely on us to restore your home to its full glory.

If you don’t have time, skill, expertise, or devices to tackle all the maintenance works, then feel free to give us a call & get it done at your doorstep.

Whether it is preventive household services like home cleaning or maintenance services that are your bother about, getting them fixed from Focus House form a single solution by selecting AMC Services for your Home. With us, you’ll be assured of the highest service quality from our well-trained experts and verified professionals.

So, Get assured with our annual maintenance services for your home maintenance now. Choose the best AMC Package and set your mind free for the entire year!


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