Make your apartment spacious

12 Tips To Make Your Small Apartment Look Spacious

Make your apartment Look Spacious

Living in a small apartment is a big challenge and to decorate that apartment to make it look bigger is more challenging. Here are some tips from a leading home maintenance company in Dubai (focus House), to make apartment look spacious.

  1. Choice of Window: Always choose large windows. If you can’t make it large as you are rented somewhere then, create an illusion of large window by using curtains.
  2. Use BookCases: Bookcases is a perfect option to store your books at one place thus giving you more than enough of space to use for other things.
  3. Choose of Sofa-Bed: if you have super small space then choose sofa cum bed to adjust the space of bed and sofa into one.
  4. Mobile Furniture: Use few mobile furniture like tables or cases that can be moved out easily to other places. To design good quality tables or furniture contact Focus House carpenter companies in dubai.
  5. Use bed with Covered: use bed with huge storage to store extra small things that are not being used very frequently at home. Consult any carpentry services provider in Dubai to design bed with proper drawers.
  6. Choose of Color: if your room is painted with light colors, try to choose dark colors for your floor because it makes your apartment look spacious. Choose best Paint Contractors in Dubai to paint your apartment like a castle.
  7. Integrate room with lot of lamps: Light creates an effect of more space. Try adding table lamps and unique lights into your room.
  8. Expandable dining table: Try a drop leaf table for your dining area if you have shortage of space.
  9. Add some Greenery: Add some life into your apartment by adding some green plant. It not only adds a look to your apartment but it also adds some life to your home.
  10. Use large mirror: Hanging large mirror add more light to your room thus make it look more spacious.
  11. Use cabinets for Kitchen: use of cabinets in kitchen makes your kitchen look modern and adds more space into it. Contact Focus House for best carpentry services in Dubai.
  12. Keep apartment Clean: Cleaning is yet another way that makes your home look spacious. Remove unused items from your room, either shift it to your store room or trash it to garbage. If you don’t have time to clean your home, then there are number of cleaning services companies in Dubai, that provides home cleaning services very quickly and at affordable rates.


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